The great perfection is the experience of the nature of emptiness, its radiant clarity, and its unobstructed compassion. When you sit in meditation, in the equipoise of the nature of the mind, that inexpressible, utterly open essence is emptiness. The measure of its radiant, natural clarity is the quality, and the nature of that quality is unobstructed compassion.

These three – emptiness, natural clarity, and unobstructed compassion – are the nature of the mind.

In the practice of dzogchen one must remain, naturally relaxed, in the uncontrived awareness. Simply remain in the equipoise of the nature of emptiness free from elaborations, limitations, or the conceptualising intellect.

One simply remains totally relaxed, expecting nothing in that state.

At the precise moment that concepts dissipate, rigpa, pure awareness, is there, and that is it. There is no experience of rigpa other than that. When the mind has dissolved, and the experience of the primordial wisdom dharmakaya arises, this is rigpa.

— Yangthang Rinpoche

Yangthang Rinpoche 5.