Mind’s nature is indivisible emptiness and clarity,
Inexpressible and indestructible, like space.
In seeing it, there is no separate one who sees;
There is but a single, all-encompassing sphere.
Even looker and looking are one and the same.
This view of seeing all at once is unsurpassed,
A centreless, limitless, exceptional experience.
In this fruition in which what has to be done has been done,
There’s no seeing at all, and any wish to see,
Any deep longing to discover the view,
Is naturally destroyed from its very depths.
To arrive at such contentment and evenness
Is to be touched by brave Mañjuśrī’s beneficent light.

— Mipham Rinpoche

Mipham Rinpoche (麦彭仁波切) 2.