Although meditation is actually very simple, it is easy to get confused by the many different descriptions of meditation practices. Forget them all and just sit quietly. Be very still and relaxed, and do not try to do anything. Let everything — thoughts, feelings, and concepts — go through your mind unheeded. Do not grasp at ideas or thoughts as they come and go or try to manipulate them. When you feel you have to do something in your meditation, you only make it harder. Let meditation do itself.

After you learn to let thoughts slip by, the thoughts will slow down and nearly disappear. Then, behind the flow of thoughts, you will sense a feeling that is the foundation of meditation. When you contact this quiet place behind your inner dialogues, let your awareness of it grow stronger. You can then simply rest in silence. For in that silence there is nothing to do; there is no reason to produce anything or to stop anything. Just let everything be.

— Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche 1.