Next, to meditate the spirit of enlightenment, while meditating the master-deity on your head, reflect in the following manner: If I ask myself whether I now have the ability to establish all sentient beings in complete and perfect Buddhahood, I will have to admit that I do not have the ability to establish so much as a single sentient being in a state of complete and perfect Buddhahood. Moreover, even if I attained one of the two kinds of arhatship, my work for others’ welfare would be partial and I would lack the ability to lead all sentient beings to Buddhahood. Who has that ability? Complete and perfect buddhas do…. In brief since only buddhas possess every kind of good quality and are free of every kind of fault, to complete both my own goals and others’, I must attain Buddhahood. For the sake of all sentient beings, my mothers, by all means, I will quickly, very quickly, realise complete, perfect and precious Buddhahood. Master-deity, please bless me so that I may be able to do so.

— 4th Panchen Lobsang Chokyi Gyaltsen

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