The last four to five generations, or two hundred years of our time have brought unimaginable changes to humanity, and which are a kind of a two-edged sword, which have some apparent benefit, and un-seeable unapparent benefit, damage and challenges. The last two hundred years was one of the most changing periods of human history, and we shall have to review this period, seriously, and in depth. My generation and the earlier generations have done a great damage to nature, to the culture and to the traditions, and we have left nothing for your generation. Now you have to build your world by your own because whatever my generation and earlier generations were able to consume, the kinds of resources we have consumed, are enormous, and we have not shown any way how to restore these natural resources. So, you are now inheriting a very damaged and injured planet earth. So, this injured and damaged planet earth, how it can sustain itself in future for you, for your good living, and for a happy life, is a big question.

— 5th Samdhong Rinpoche, Lobsang Tenzin

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