The attitude and intention for embracing any Dharma needs to be a real and deep-rooted one, not an emotional one. Many people with fleeting emotions think that they have the required mindset, but they haven’t, and they also have immediate expectations for some great results. But if you practice Dharma with such an idea of worldly reward or achievement, then that is not the real practice of Dharma. Practicing Dharma needs a long-term determination to practice continuously in this and all the coming lifetimes. So I think that has not matured in the minds of many new Western Buddhist practitioners, and due to this short-term expectation and day-by-day evaluation, which hardly shows swift progress, one day you will find yourself frustrated and give up the practice. So before entering into the practice, you must have a deep understanding and study, and then examine yourself, whether you are able to endure it on a sustainable basis and only then should you get into the practice of Dharma. Otherwise it will become a kind of child’s play and that may be no good for anyone.

— 5th Samdhong Rinpoche, Lobsang Tenzin


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