Understanding karma, I was not overwhelmed by suffering in the war. I was able to tolerate and create happiness for the future. Through understanding karma, I have attained independence and am now happy at all times. It is most important to understand that karma is within the mind. The Buddha said,’ Perfectly tame your own mind. This is Buddha’s teachings.’ The Buddha did not say, ‘ Perfectly tame others’ minds.’ We must purify our own mind. When you purify your mind, you must begin with those who surround your every day, your family, friends, etc. I have great hopes that all of you will take this to heart and give rise to kindness and compassion for each other. Give rise to love for your parents, your teachers and your country, and then expand this love for all sentient beings. In the future, when we die, even if we have accumulated millions of dollars, it will be useless. At that point, only a mind of love will be important. This mind will stay with us throughout all lifetimes. Therefore, it is my great hope that you hold on to this mind of love.

— Garchen Rinpoche


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