The mind-itself is free of the three extremes of birth, cessation, and abiding. It is released from dualistic grasping onto “I” and “mine,” its essence is empty, its nature is luminous, and its character is unceasing awareness that is without an object, yet it appears in numerous ways. This luminosity transcends objects that are grasped as the seen and the seer. It is released from the objects that are objectified as the topic of meditation and the meditator. Without bringing anything to mind, that very freedom from mental engagement is inactivity free of all action, set at ease and unstructured. There is no grasping, for whatever appears is not apprehended. One is mentally vacant, for one is free of the structured contamination of the consciousness of meditative equipoise. There is pristine emptiness, for there is no grasping onto signs. It is luminous, for it is by nature clear light. It is unmediated, for it is not contaminated by the dualistic grasping of ideation. It is vivid, for it knows its own nature. Appearances and the mind are indivisibly, unimpededly homogenous, for the grasping onto subjects and objects has dissolved. It is ordinary consciousness, for awareness is settled in its own unstructured nature. It is “fresh awareness,” for the stream of ideation does not enter the heart, and this is the real essence of the practice of insight.

— Maitripa


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