You might remain in a solitary place, physically isolated from the world, yet fail to let go of ordinary concerns, and, with attachment and aversion, seek to bring defeat upon your enemies while furthering the interests of your friends, and involve yourself in all kinds of projects and financial dealings but there could hardly be anything worse than that at all. If you lack the wealth of contentment in your mind, you’ll think you need all kinds of useless things, and end up even worse than just an ordinary person, because you won’t manage even a single session of practice. So set your mind on freedom from the need for anything at all. Wealth, success and status are all simply ways of attracting enemies and demons. Pleasure-seeking practitioners who fail to turn their minds from this life’s concerns sever their connection to the authentic Dharma. So take care to avoid becoming stubbornly immune to the teachings.

— Chatral Rinpoche



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