Instead of curses, the parents embraced their wayward children with love. They viewed everything that had happened as their own karma. Rather than being angry or depressed, they responded wisely entrusting everything back to their true nature, and freed their children from ignorance and misguided views.

Although we do things for others, ultimately we are the one who will benefit. If we do something harmful, it doesn’t just fade away. Eventually, it will all return to us.

Understanding this, one will be diligent and do one’s very best; one will be utterly sincere with everything that arises in one’s life. Then the things you do for others will also benefit you.

If you only think about yourself and your own difficulties, while ignoring the situation of those around you, how is this correct? Even if you have only a little to eat, share it with those who have less. If everyone practises like this, there will be more than enough for everyone.

— Zen Master Daehaeng


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