Beings with inferior karma aim at the grandeur and vanity of this world and act with no thought of karmic ripening. Future misery will endure much longer than that of the present, so feel motherly love and compassion for the beings of the three realms. Keep constant company with the awakened mind of bodhichitta. Forsake the ten non virtues and adopt the ten virtues.

Don’t regard any sentient being as your enemy: to do so is only your mind’s delusion. Don’t seek food and drink through lies and deceit. Though your belly will be full in this life, it will weigh heavy in the following.

Don’t get involved in business and making profits: in general, it is distracting for both yourself and others. Attach no importance to wealth, because it is the enemy of meditation and Dharma practice.

Dwelling only on food is a cause of distraction: keep your meditation provisions sufficient merely to sustain yourself. Don’t live in villages or areas which promote attachment and aversion. When your body is in seclusion your mind will be also. Give up idle gossip and speak less. If you hurt another’s feelings, both of you create negative karma.

In general, all sentient beings without exception have been your parents, so don’t allow yourself to feel attached or hostile. Maintain a peaceful frame of mind. Give up angry and harsh words; instead speak with a smiling face.

Your parents’ kindness cannot be repaid even if you sacrifice your life, so be respectful in thought, word, and deed.

Virtue and evil both come from perceived objects and companions, so don’t keep company with evildoers. Don’t remain in a place where people are hostile towards you and which furthers anger and desire. If you do, it only increases disturbing emotions in yourself and others.

Stay where your state of mind is at ease and your Dharma practice will automatically progress. To remain in places of extreme attachment and aversion is only distracting. Stay where your Dharma practice develops.

If you become conceited, your virtues diminish, so give up being arrogant and haughty. If you become disappointed and disheartened, console yourself and be your own counsel. Re-embark on the path.

— Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche


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