The ability and functioning of the mind is so profound that most people can’t even imagine it. A single cup of water may not be able to do much but if you add that cup of water to the ocean, its combined strength becomes unimaginable. This is the strength of our fundamental Buddha-nature.

But we are unable to recognise this when we spend each day lost in a thousand different kinds of dualistic thoughts. When we stop grasping at them and revert to our fundamental nature, the energy of our fundamental mind and the energy of everything we encounter will be able to function as one.

The energy of this combined functioning is beyond anything we can imagine. It overshadows even that of the oceans and skies, for it is the energy of every single thing in the universe, connected and working as one.

If you truly want to help someone, let go of all your dualistic thinking. Let go unconditionally of all your ideas about high and low, worthy and unworthy, human or animal.

When you keep entrusting everything to your fundamental essence, something deep within you will stir. This vast energy responds to whatever is needed and adapts by taking any form.

It is true compassion, and can take any shape – even that of an ox.

— Zen Master Daehaeng


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