The best scholar is one who has realised the meaning of the absence of any true existence. 
The best monk is one who has tamed his own mind. 
The best quality is a great desire to benefit others. 
The best instruction is always to watch the mind. 
The best remedy is to know that nothing has any inherent reality. 
The best way of life is one that does not fit with worldly ways. 
The best accomplishment is a steady lessening of negative emotions. 
The best sign of practise is a steady decrease of desires. 
The best generosity is non-attachment. 
The best discipline is to pacify the mind. 
The best patience is to keep a humble position. 
The best diligence is to give up activities. 
The best concentration is not to alter the mind. 
The best wisdom is not to take anything at all as truly existing.

— Atiśa


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