If we are freed of all lust, desire, attraction, thirst, passion, and craving for the manifold various forms, feelings, experiences, constructions, and varieties of consciousness, then, with the inevitable change in and alteration of these, we do not experience any disappointment, dissatisfaction, discontent, pain, frustration, sorrow, or despair. Not living immersed in these derivatives of greed, we therefore do not suffer from the hot fever of wanting, nor of longing, nor of any urge. Moreover, when these bodies disintegrate, cool and calm, we shall attain a good destination. This is the blissful advantage and assured benefit of removal of desire and craving here and now. Pursuing pleasure produces delayed and hidden pain. Relinquishing desire for pleasure gives ease now and bliss later.

— Sariputra, Samyukta Agama


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