Directly and indirectly, we have a connection with the Buddhist path and have entered into the precious teachings. Something has caused us to become aware of the precious teachings of the Buddha. The teachings are precious because if we take them to heart and practice them sincerely, they will free us from all suffering; indeed, they are the only way to attain complete joy and happiness. In contrast, the deluded joy and happiness that we ordinarily strive for are temporary and don’t last very long. Maybe we are happy today but tomorrow we’ll again experience suffering and confusion. Maybe we are balanced for a few moments, but then we go back to the same routine of samsara. The precious dharma teachings give us an opportunity to uproot our delusions – all the afflictions – the very cause of our suffering. We cannot replace dharma with other methods, therefore the teachings are called precious and holy.

— Khenchen Konchok Gyaltsen Rinpoche



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