The Perfect Human Life – Venerable Yen Pei

From the Buddhist viewpoint, human life should not be wasted in the pursuit of pleasures. If we are concerned only about our continued survival and sensual pleasures, this would not constitute a perfect human life. As human beings, if we toil merely for gaining enjoyment, we would not be any different from other animals.

This perfect human life should not be lived in vain. It should be used well in the learning and practice of the Dharma (Buddhist teachings). Bearing in mind the following four points, we will be impelled to practice the Dharma well;

Firstly, all sentient beings are averse to suffering and seek happiness. By developing yourself in goodness, your life will naturally be full of happiness.

Secondly, both inner and outer causal conditions must be present for true Dharma-practice. The outer condition is guidance from virtuous and wise teachers, while the inner cause is an optimal human form. One who possesses both inner and outer causal conditions but does not practice the Dharma earnestly is unworthy of this perfect human life. Remembering this, one well be earnest in Dharma-practice.

Thirdly, Dharma-practice must be done in this life. It must not be delayed till next life. People generally like to procrastinate, thinking that even if they do not do Dharma-practice in this life, it is not late to practice in the next life. This idea is absolutely wrong. After this human life has ended, it will not be easy to gain a perfect human life again!

Lastly, practice the Dharma diligently at once. Do not drag till old age. Life is impermanent and anyone may pass away anytime. If you bear in mind that time is running out, you will not delay your Dharma-practice.



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