If I could not change myself in this lifetime, how can I expect to do better in the next life? In this life, I become a human being due to certain circumstances, not any kind of being, but a human being with the special ability to meet precious teachers and they teach me precious teachings which can help me change (transform) my mind. Changing my mind should be my only task. To get such a precious human rebirth, there is a need to have suitable causes and conditions, which are the result of good karma. We need to think and prepare for the next life. Many people think, we are busy now, we will wait until we retire to do practise. In this case, then we really don’t understand what is real dharma practise. The main meaning of Dharma is holding one’s nature. Dharma holds you and me from wrong development and direction. The nature of any Dharma practise is to help us change our mind.

— Dagyab Rinpoche


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