When only the view was established, it was said by the Buddhas, “All views of emptiness are a source of faults,” therefore, the view cannot be viewed. For one with wisdom, there is no view; for one with sharp intelligence, it is beyond words; for one with diligence, nothing is to be meditated on; for one with faith, there is no cause and result; for one with compassion, there are no sentient beings; for the gatherer of the accumulations, there is no buddhahood. Freedom from extremes is beyond knowledge, expressions, and objects; Madhyamaka, Chittamatra, and so on, expressions in words are proliferations. Thoughts in the mind are concepts, the nature is inexpressible and unthinkable. For as long as views continue to exist, there is no liberation from all suffering. Conceptuality is great ignorance; it is said one sinks into the ocean of samsara. Without the mind stream being liberated by hearing, do not express the view in words! With scripture, reason, and upadesha, the view is determined, mind is at ease. When only the practise of meditation was done, there was no meditation, and also no meditator. That meditation free from extremes is without an object, so leave one’s activities and practise.

— Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsen


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