You must resolve through Right View, gaining understanding of all the teachings, like a bird soaring in the skies. You must find certainty through Right Conduct, without being intimidated by anything whatsoever, like an elephant entering the water. You must practice through Right Concentration, clearing away the darkness of ignorance, like lighting a lamp in a dark room. You must accomplish the aim through the instructions, liberating all phenomena in your nature, like finding a wish-fulfilling jewel. You must progress gradually through the empowerments, being free from the fear of falling into samsara, like a prince ascending the royal throne. You must keep the basis through the commitments, not letting any of your actions be wasted, like fertile ground. You must liberate your being through learning, becoming adept in all aspects of the Dharma, like a noble steed freed from its chains. You must compare all sources, understanding all the schools of the Dharma, like a bee seeking a hive. You must condense them into a single point, understanding that all the numerous teachings are of one taste, like a trader adding together his profits. You must reach eminence in knowledge, understanding clearly and distinctly the meaning of all the teachings, like arriving at the summit of Mount Sumeru.

— Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche


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